Friday, April 6, 2012

Did The Cold Hit Your Plants ?

It became quite cold last night, and there was a predicted freeze; however, even though it did just hit the freezing mark all seems well.
We covered the young plants that are potted to resell with burlap "just in case". Usually; unless things are just not cold hardy at all, they will pull through in the event of a cold snap such as the low 30's F. The major problem is that they then are weakened and must heal and produce new growth. This in turn means that the results you were looking for are delayed. Generally it is a good idea to snip away the damaged parts of your plant so that it does not spend a lot of time trying to heal those areas. Whenever I do this I always err toward the side of caution and take a little less than I feel inclined to do. I don't want to create any additional struggle if it has already begun to heal itself.
By the way the two images that are shown in the previous post; of the beautiful Spring flowers, were taken by my daughter, India. The small pink multi petaled blooms are Flowering Almond; a very old fashioned low growing bush type plant that is rarely seen on the market these days. This sad as it is very pleasing all through the growing season (first blooms in early Spring, and nice green foliage in the Spring/Summer months. It is very easy to grow once established.
The 0ther blooms listed shown are Tulip "Carnivale de Nice". They are small this year but absolutely beautiful.

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