Friday, April 6, 2012

Quick Easter Arrangements With What You Have

So India, and I made a little design challange for me. The challange was to see if you could take just found things around the yard and your own gardens to make something for the Easter table. We wanted to come up with something that would be very easy to do for anyone on any skill level.
Here is what we came up with! We used lilac, bleeding heart, pink flowering crabapple, white flowering crabapple, violets, and even (believe it or not !) the lowly dandelion blossom.
For containers we used a couple of older pieces that we have had for years. The duckling and the rooster are perfect for the Easter table. However, you could use anything really even pastel colored dishes.
The final selection was a large brown egg; yep the hen laying type, from which we carefully removed the top. To do this you gently, but firmly tap in a 360 degree formation on the edge of a bowl as you would when cracking an egg. Make sure to leave yourself enough room at the opening to work. Don't worry that the edge is not perfectly smooth this won't show when done.
Now fill all your containers with a little water and a little fresh floral design foam. Don't sweat if you don't have this. It does make your flowers easier to work with and stay together, but if you arrange them snuggly they will hold just as well.
One last note: be sure to give your flowers a good soaking before and after arranging to insure that they are properly hydrated with a spray bottle or gentle spray of water. We did ours a bit on the fly so they were somewhat "wilty" when used.
When finished put your little arrangements into the refrigerator low toward the veggie keeper until your ready to set on the table.

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