Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Winds of Change Sweep Through

Friday night a storm pounded through and and carried on it's winds very possibly a tornado. Thankfully, we were spared major damage. As I stood at the door watching trees dance and contorting in ways I could not believe they withstood I was amazed. One funny (sort of) moment was when our younger son said "I think one of the hens was just blown away. She appeared to be wobbling in the drive and then suddenly was gone." There was a second of amused shock and we all ran to that window to look out. Then, the realization that this really isn't so funny. We tend to be those people who see that the well being of our animals is our responsiblity. Whatever their purpose on the farm we try to be good stewards of them. As we quietly stood watching; the wind continued to howl, and rain pounded on everything to the point that one could not see. The power went out, trees blew to the ground, and chaos seemed to be in control. One hour later a neighbor from down the road came to see if we were alright. We were heading out to check on other neighbors. We stood and talked together shaken but with relief that for now it was passed. As we talked the most beautiful sunset developed on the west horizon and later a double rainbow. The rainbow reminded me of God's promise never again to flood the earth, but I knew it was much more than that. Life throws all kinds of curves, and in the midst of the storm it is hard sometimes to believe that "this too shall pass". And then the sun comes back out and we find we have survived; when at times we wondered. Somehow, we are a little more thankful for the moments, we enjoy the conversation of friends and the simple things of just being alive.
By the way the "hen" was actually a gourd bird-house. It did survive !