Saturday, March 31, 2012


Even though it is early everywhere you look signs of Spring seem to abound. The flowers are really putting on a show. Everything seems to be spectacular! It's one of things about gardening; you fret about how things did over the winter, and you have to wait a year for the results. If that doesn't try or teach you patience I don't know what will.
Daughter, India has been photograghing anything that doesn't out run her. She has a fanatastic eye for detail in her photos. I am; so many times, amazed at how she will capture something in a way that changes your whole perception of it. I suppose that "there" is a good comment on life. It is all about our perspective.
Anyway, here are some of her pics from around the farm. I hope that they bless you as much as they do us.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Is Here !

Spring has arrived--maybe a bit too warm, but no complaints. Everything is blooming so outstanding. God and his handy work WOW! As we make our way around the farm we are surprised by all things of Spring showing themselves in full display including a few unexpected guests!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


As we prepare to move; what will soon be our former store front operation, to our farm we ask that you please bear with us as we get our sea legs here.
We are moving our business and our creative activities to the home studio and office . It seems in some ways that this is a major shift, as the thought of whether anyone would even remember or know that we exist. However, this was always the vision that we held. We have always been fearful to keep it just that simple. Maybe God knew we needed a push. After all it really is the place that we draw so much of our peace, creativity, and energy from.
We knew that when we were blessed with"the farm" there was something so much larger we were to do there. Things beyond our own immediate needs.
We are; all of us, so busy much of the time crying out to God to hear and answer our prayers. We can so often look at our neighbour, and see the answer to their prayer as plain as the nose on their face wishing ours was so apparent.
Maybe that's it. A bird in the hand is indeed worth two in the bush; however we must first recognize that we have a bird in our grasp.
For you as well as us ........have faith , believe in your dreams, and trust that God will make a way.
More later !