Sunday, May 26, 2013

Where Have We Been ?

Over and over again we keep hearing people say where have you guys been? When are you going to start back in business again? We have missed you!
Well it has been over a year now and there has been a lot that has happened.
However, in the course of this time we been able to rediscover our focus and passion for what it was we were trying to do here. It has been very strange to not have a brick and mortar store front to walk into every day. Even stranger still is the somewhat disconnected feeling when you are not out mixing it up with folks in one way or another when you work with the public.
Working with people and helping them to discover beautiful things for themselves, and others, around them, in their homes and lives, but also beautiful things about themselves.
So here's the deal!!!!!!!
E F HOME & CO is in the process of relaunching and we are SOOOOOO excited. This will be a gradual process but we are very hopeful. You will be able to follow us once again on Facebook and we will also soon have a completely redesigned blog called E F STYLE. These changes will help us to reflect an interest and passion for a lifestyle that is both doable and affordable.
On our new blog we will feature great ideas for home, decor, entertaining, & gardening.
But there is one new feature that we are especially excited over....daughter India is joining us with fantastic ideas on fashion and accessories.
Through these blog pages we will keep you up to date, show case featured products, and give you the latest news on E F HOME & CO. Stand by and then come join us SOON!