Sunday, April 29, 2012


Irene Jordan works a lot of hours and very rarely gets to find the time for her absolute passion ---gardening. She wanted to create an area where she could have the garden close for those days when she couldn't get to hers, but it had to be something easy to maintain.
So here is what she came up with!
The plants are all from her favorite nursery and the bright and cheery orange teapot was from a thrift store for just a couple bucks.
She combined a Coreopsis, a couple of Spider plants, a English ivy, and Hen and chick. These are all in 4" pots. Notice how the nice variety of plants gave a texture to the whole arrangement which allowed the kettle to shine.
It really says Summer! 
The whole thing cost her maybe $15. She set the arrangement up on a coffee table on her deck. 
Simple no doubt

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