Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Glass Act !

It is estimated that glass has been around for several thousand years. In fact apparently there is evidence that some form of glass making was going on over 5000 years ago around the area of Mesopotamia. Ok that's interesting, but I will bet that some where close behind the person going "oooohhh shiny".
Glass has always had a fascination for most of us even just as children. I am amused when in the course of a conversation an otherwise unaffected and self-controlled adult will suddenly blurt out "look how the light is shining through that glass". Their eyes all aglow like a child when the Christmas lights come on.
Let's face it it is striking.
When I was a child it was all the rage to add food colouring to water and place clear bottles with this concoction in the widow as coloured glass had become somewhat scarce. It was after all the era of the 60's and white bread, white flour, and white eggs were clearly better, so glass had to follow suit and be clear.
Thankfully, coloured glass has been rediscovered and collections of coloured glass on a window sill make a nice way to catch afternoon light.If at some point a sprig of something is add to one here or there even better!
Here we have brought together some ideas from our own collection of glass. As you can see they don't have to be anything fancy in fact. It's amazing how many convenience store drink bottles come in coloured glass. So be creative, look around and don't count out those thrift stores. They can many times be a good source of interesting glassware.Also a suggestion a piece here and there with facets will add some extra pop to your display as well.
Just have fun with it.
Many of the pieces that we have shown here in both the blue and the green collection are family pieces, however others were things friends were glad to get rid of, and yes still others are "thrift finds".

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